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Got FEMA Money? You may be required to get Flood Insurance!

In a recent article published by The Louisiana Realtor’s Association titled “Obtain and Maintain” Insurance Requirements, it stated that those effected by the flood that received FEMA monies may be required to obtain flood insurance even if they are in a preferred rate area (the “x” flood zone).

Read the entire article here.

But there is good news….because these homeowners are in the preferred rate zone, they can get (at least at the writing of this post) very economical flood insurance, most under $500 per year.  If you fit this category, just give your homeowner’s insurance agent a call to add on the flood insurance.  It would also be wise to do this soon, before FEMA changes the flood maps and possibly puts you in a non-preferred rate zone in the future.  If you have insurance already when this is done, you will be grandfathered in at the lower rate.

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