Generations of Experience

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Generations of Experience

About our Real Estate Agency in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge real estate agencyJohn E. Walker, Mike Walker’s father, worked for O. M. Pollard when they developed Pollard Estates back in the 1950s. He formed Bacot Walker Real Estate with Sam Bacot, Sr.. At Mr. Bacot’s passing, John formed Walker & Walker Real Estate. When Mike Walker turned 18 (over 55 years ago), his father required him to get his real estate license. 

In 1998, Mike Walker became a real estate broker and started with a handful of agents. Since then, Mike has always believed in operating his real estate agency legally, morally, and ethically. 

Mike became a City Council member for the city of Baton Rouge and served the public for 12 years. After his public service to the people of Baton Rouge, he restarted his real estate practice. 

Now, Mike Walker Real Estate has 6 home-based agents across southern Louisiana. All of the agents subscribe to Mike’s leadership mantra of performing in a legal, moral, and ethical way. The agents have great relationships with lenders, title attorneys, termite inspectors, and other vendors that are involved in real estate transactions. 

If this sounds like an office you would like to be involved with, call Mike at (225) 291-1117. 

Mike Walker Real Estate, LLC
Mike Walker, Broker
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